Adjetey Annang, Lydia Forson et al star in OldFilm’s new movie

The two starred in ‘Keteke’

The producers of multiple award-winning film ‘Keteke’, OldFilm Productions have commenced yet another production for its new movie set to hit the screens soon.

Titled ‘Sidechic Gang’, the movie is set to thrill audience across the world.

‘Sidechic Gang’ tells the story of three female friends who decided to make fortunes from exposing cheating husbands and boyfriends.

The three friends quit their ushering job to set up a gang, an agency dedicated to clamping down on the side chick menace.

After a few deals, the gang becomes popular, attracting traffic from victims of side chicks with their greatest opposition being the aggrieved men who benefit from these side chicks.

As to whether or not the ‘Sidechic Gang’ will succeed, time will tell.

The movie features stars like Adjetey Annang, Lydia Forson, Nana Ama McBrown, Sika Osei, Akofa Edjeane and many other notable actors.

The story is written by Rachel Adikwu with direction by Peter Sedufia and Lauren Manaa Abdallah.

‘Sidechic Gang’ is set to be released in 2018.

By Irene Amesimeku||Ghana

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