Video on Demand

Kids World

Magazine programme tailored for children. It is an educational entertainment programme. Each edition is different and has six segments.


Spotlight is an entertainment preview and review program spotting the light on happenings in the entertainment industry, events, lifestyle and fashion, and all across the world with our correspondents in the United Kingdom.


Edziban is tailored to showcase the rich local dishes around the country. The show also gives food joints the opportunity to tell viewers what they have in stock and their locations.


Asanka Delight has recently won the Culinary TV show of the year in the recent Primetime TV Awards.

Ghana’s Most Beautiful

Ghana’s  Most beautiful has won several awards. CIMG awarded GMB for  the Most Entertaining & Educative Show

Talented Kidz

Talented Kids has won Millennium & RTP Awards



Celebrations:Is a Christian musical program that is aimed at promoting choirs and acapella group to unearth their music talent.

Today’s Woman

Today’s Woman has won Women of Substance Award on three Occasions



Iqra is a solid religious program on TV3 , which seeks to address issues among the Muslim and Zongo communities.

Music Music

Music Music has won awards for most Entertaining TV Show

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