97 more FM stations to lose license if…

The National Communications Authority (NCA) has warned it would not hesitate to revoke the license of 97 radio stations by the end of the month.

Already, 34 radio stations had their operational authorization revoked last week for failing to renew their expired authorization for several years and operated illegally.

The regulator published a 30-page list of about 130 radio stations on Thursday, 28th September, 2017 that it has imposed sanctions on for various infractions in their operational authorization permits.

Some radio stations were fined as high as 61 million cedis and 30 days ultimatum has been given to them to settle the arrears.

The NCA Monday issued a stern warning to the defaulters, insisting that it will go ahead to revoke the licenses of 97 stations that were fined after the 30-day grace period.

The Authority also blamed the previous board of not enforcing the laws to the latter.

Meanwhile the Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association (GIBA) is expected to convene an emergency council meeting on Monday over the sanctions it described as heavy and harsh.

“The Executive believes the situation as it stands now is rigid, harsh and can affect the morale of others in doing legitimate business knowing the unpredictable terrain of business in Ghana,” a statement it issued on Friday said.

But the NCA, gathered, intends to sanction more FM stations.

Also, the regulator says it will soon release a list of television stations operating illegally.

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